What Sets Us Apart

Fitting Size

We are accessible and committed to giving each patient individualized care. We look a little small from the outside, but our connections are far reaching. Our interest in your care extends beyond your teeth and jaw line. We look at your total health, and use good relationships with professionals in the health field to recommend continuation of your treatment with them. Not all issues begin and end in our office, but we are able to help you achieve the best total health through our connections.


We understand the hectic nature of life and how important each minute can be. This is why we always schedule your appointments efficiently. Through knowledge of your preferred times, we arrange all treatments so we are ready for you on time or early. The goal is early, and we are in the business of meeting goals.

Your Friendly Downtown Office

Our staff is committed to your comfort and will go out of their way to see that you are put at ease. All too often, a visit to the dentist can be an experience that produces anxiety. We will work hard to see that you are put at ease while with us.

We are big on communication and take the time to sit down with you and discuss our recommended treatment. Until you are satisfied that it is right for you, neither are we. We are also available for any questions that come up throughout the entire procedure: before, during, and after.

Best Care Available

By actively attending professional development conventions and involvement with professional organizations, we remain up to date with the latest technological improvements and breakthroughs in the oral healthcare field. We are absolutely committed to providing the best available and make sure that each new technology or skill lives up to our high standards before offering it to you.

We offer the best, whether you are looking for care for your children, restoration work, or cosmetic dentistry. This includes training in the newest technologies, such as digital X-rays that increase the turnaround and make your procedures that much faster. It also includes great treatment options like Lumineers® and Snap-On Smile®.

Emergency Availability

We understand that by their very nature, emergencies cannot be scheduled. Still, part of our dedication to your comfort, care, and well-being is acknowledging that emergencies do happen before or during your treatment at our office. We are prepared because we believe that is a vital part of our commitment to your oral health.